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Directions to The Red Horse

Via Route 70 West…

Heading west from Baltimore – As you approach Frederick continue past the first three (3) Frederick exits off of Rt. 70. Take the exit to Rt. 15 North- Gettysburg (Exit #53). Continue on Rt. 15N for approximately one (1) mile. Take “40 West to 70 West Hagerstown” Exit off of Rt. 15N (This will be a cloverleaf exit to the right). As you come off the exit ramp move to the extreme left lane. Take a left, at the second light, into our parking lot.

Via Route 270 North

Heading north from Washington – As you approach Frederick the interstate will ‘ Y ‘- Stay to the left following the “15N – Frederick Gettysburg” sign. Once on Rt. 15N , simply follow the same directions as above.

Via Route 70 East

Heading east from Hagerstown – Take the Rt. 40 Exit labeled Frederick (a widely curving exit ramp to the right – use extreme caution on this ramp as it is a down grade and the tendency is to pick up speed as you enter the curve.) Proceed down Rt. 40 heading eastward, (this stretch of highway is known as Frederick’s “Golden Mile”). Stay in the right hand lane, and as you pass Midas Muffler, and the Amoco Service Station, take a right and then a quick left into our parking lot. (Our sign and Red Horse statues are quite visible from the road.)

Via Route 15 South

Heading south from Gettysburg – Take the 40W exit of off Rt. 15. Immediately get into the left hand lane. (as you look across the highway you will plainly see the Red Horse complex). At the first major traffic light take a left, and then a quick left into our parking lot.

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996 West Patrick Street

Frederick, Maryland 21703